Education & Communication
Information, Education and Communication (IEC) section creates HIV/AIDS awareness among the general population. It also designs and implements awareness programs for reducing the stigma and discrimination and influence, on individual behavior that protects people against HIV infection. The section also works with Blood Safety & SBTC to promote Voluntary Blood Donation among Youth through RRCs and youth clubs.

As per the requirement of socio-demographic position of Chandigarh, IEC activities have been formulated, taking into consideration the diverse cultural, linguistic and social backgrounds of different communities across the state with the following objectives :-
  1. To create awareness on RTI/STI/HIV/AIDS among various sections of the people, including those in high-risk categories, vulnerable groups, and general population.
  2. To provide accurate information on HIV/AIDS and dispel myths and misconceptions.
  3. To create a supportive environment and generate demand for quality health services.
  4. To promote behavior change for prevention with the target of zero new infections.
  5. To promote community involvement in care and support of People Living with HIV-AIDS (PLHA).
  6. To promote the blood donation to achieve the target of availability of 100% voluntary, non remunerated, non exchanged quality blood.
  7. To bring all the government and non government organizations under the umbrella of healthy and scientific knowledge of HIV/AIDS through mainstreaming.
  8. To implement the work place prevention National Policy of HIV/AIDS and the World of Works.
These objectives has been achieving through certain activities as mentioned under:-

Mass media
Mass media activity having the potential to create widespread awareness on HIV/AIDS, to promote the positive attitudes towards people living with HIV/AIDS, and influence people to change their high risk behavior that make them vulnerable to the infection. It has a pivotal role to play in a fight against AIDS. CSACS use the mass media in following ways:-

Long Format Radio Program: - In FY 2010-11 ?Phone ?in- Program? was relayed through All India Radio FM radio on every 3rd Wednesday in which public was invited to ask questions regarding different issues on HIV/AIDS and one expert in the field gave replies to their queries. In the current financial year a story based on AIDS awareness along with interview of resource person is being broadcast on All India Radio on every Tuesday at 10.30 am.

Special Campaign on FM Radio: - On certain special events a special campaigns of 30 seconds spots are being relayed on FM radios. For example, on the occasion of World Blood Donor?s Day a special one month campaign was relayed on MY FM & Big FM from 14th June to 15th July 2011. Similarly on World AIDS Day one month campaign was relayed form 1st to 31st December 2011 and one special 5 days campaign form 11th 14th February, 2012 was relayed on Valentine?s Day. The campaign on theme of STI and Condom Promotion was executed from 22.4.10 to 21.05.10.

Awareness message of HIV/AIDS through Spot and Scroll advertisements over local cable TV has also been displayed since last two years. Awareness has also been generated through display of messages on LED Screens and other TV sets located at Railway Station, Chandigarh.

Print media is used to create awareness through specially designed advertisements on various occasions like International Youth Day, World AIDS Day, World Blood Donor?s Day, International Women?s Day etc. All leading news papers are invited to cover the function so that common man can know the activities being conducted by CSACS, so that the public could avail the facilities.

Printing of IEC Material and wall writings
Various types of posters, pamphlets/leaflets, brochures, booklets and other reading material with attractive slogans and appropriate knowledge of HIV/AIDS along with the address of all service centers of CSACS have been developed. For printing of these materials a consortium of all concerned stakeholders were consulted. They developed creative content representing all the on-going interventions/activities being run by CSACS. The printed IEC material covers all the detailed information of all concerned issues like Prevention of HIV, Services available by CSACS, Blood Donation, Condom Use, Symptoms and prevention of STI/RTIs. Drug Abuse and its prevention. Say No to Homophobia, ABC mode of Prevention. Toll Free Help Line No i.e. 1097, Booklets on Adolescent Education Program, HIV & TB, identification and prevention etc. all the material is available in Hindi, English and Punjabi. CSACS also has 40 Sun pack awareness kits.

In addition to the reading material, certain attractive slogans on all related issues have flashed through wall writings, Posters, and Permanent hoardings. The wall writings and hoardings have been installed mainly on slum & rural areas, dispensaries & hospitals, Schools, Colleges, transport area, Petrol Pumps, ISBT 17 & 43 and other public places.

Out Door & Mid Media Activities
CSACS conducts many field activities for creative awareness among the community. For promoting the HIV prevention message, CSACS arranges Nukkar Nataks, Puppet Shows, Magic Shows, Rallies, Candle March, etc. In various major dispensaries and hospitals, educational institutions, Bus stand, Community Centers CSACS has installed permanent hoardings with preventive messages. Some remaining intuitions, community centers will be covered soon.

Different campaign
CSACS conducts certain special mega awareness programs on specific events, for example, World AIDS Day, World Blood Donor?s Day, International Blood Donation Day, International & National Youth Day etc.

On World AIDS Day 2009, a mass rally was conducted in which more than 2000 participants from different organizations. In 2010, a human chain was formed from PGI to Housing Board Chock, Manimajara. On the occasion of World AIDS Day 2011, a Regional level conference ?AIDSCON 2011? was organized in PGIMER Chandigarh in which more than 500 participants attended the 2 days of extremely interesting research papers presented on the various issues of HIV/AIDS.Work done by independent agency on HIV/AIDS in the Region was consolidated.

Every year on the occasion of International Candle Memorial i.e. 3rd Sunday of May, CSACS observes the day as a tribute to HIV victims. In 2010 a Candle March was conducted at village Palsora with 2500 participants. On 15th May 2011, a Candle March was held at Sukhna Lake where more than 800 people participated.

One Cycle Rally was arranged in July 2009, in which more than 500 cyclists took part. The rally started from 4 corners in the out skirts of the city and concluded at University student centre

Mini Marathon was organized by State AIDS Control Society, U.T., Chandigarh in collaboration with Rotract Club on November 3rd, 2008. In this Mini Marathon approximately 800 nos. of students from different parts of the city participated for HIV/AIDS awareness.

CSACS takes part in State Science Exhibition being organized every year at State Institute of Education. In this Exhibition, CSACS exhibit its IEC activities of HIV/AIDS awareness and conducts free Counseling & Testing for HIV.

Chandigarh Carnival and Rose Festival: - CSACS takes part in major festivals of Chandigarh. Two such festivals are Chandigarh Carnival and Rose Festivals. On all the functions CSACS exhibit its stall of IEC activities. The objective is to create awareness specifically among youth. Small quiz games, balloon games and Street Plays, Magic Shows and Puppet Shows add to the festive occasion.

Sh. K.K. Sharma, Administrator, Chandigarh Administration also visit the stall of CSACS on the occasion of Chandigarh Carnival 2011 observed between 24th to 27th November 2011.

Cultural Events CSACS also conducts some cultural events with the messages of HIV prevention. One such program ?SHAAM-e-GHAZAL? was conducted on the occasion of World AIDS Day 2009. In this program well known Bollywood Ghazal play back singer, Sh. Vinod Sehgal recited many popular Ghazals including his own in Machis ?Chod aye hum wo galiyan?. He sang at a stretch for 2.1/2 hour and also gave the preventive messages of HIV/AIDS

Red Ribbon Express Campaign
Red Ribbon Express stayed in Chandigarh from October 13th, 2010 to 16th, 2010. The primary focus of RRE was on rural areas & aimed at (i) disseminating information regarding primary prevention services; (ii) developing an understanding about the disease to reduce stigma & discrimination against People Living with HIV/AIDS and; (iii) strengthening people?s knowledge about the measures to be taken to prevent getting HIV/AIDS; and (iv) Adopting preventive health habits and lifestyle.

Chief Guest, Sh. Pradip Mehra, IAS, Advisor to the Administrator, U.T., Chandigarh formally opened this Train to the Public. Among other dignitaries, who were present at Railway Station include Mr. Ram Niwas, Secretary Health, Dr. M.S. Bains, DHS, U.T., Chandigarh.

During the four days stay of the Red Ribbon Express at Chandigarh total number of 12,549 nos. of visitors visit the train which includes students from Schools and Colleges, Migrant Population etc visited in large number at railway Station to see the Train. Others were Paramilitary Forces, Nurses, Slum Dwellers, ANMs, Anganwari Workers, Teachers, FSWs, MSMs, Migrants and General Population. Besides CSACS various other departments viz. Department of Education, Health, Social Welfare, Public Relation, Police, Municipal Corporation, Song & Drama Division, Directorate of Field and Publicity, All India Radio, Doordarshan, Railways, Red Cross Society, Sports and various NGOs actively participated to make RRE project at Chandigarh a success.

Chandigarh SACS and PD CSACS were awarded by NACO as one of the best performing states in the country.

During the RRE visit in Chandigarh, Chandigarh State AIDS Control Society hired a specially fabricated IEC Van that moved around in slum and rural areas. Folk Troupes accompanied this Van and made people aware about HIV/AIDS at their doorsteps. Cultural Performances were also staged for the public at Railway Station by the troupes of CSACS. The van moved around for 30 days.

To making the community aware about HIV/AIDS the IEC Van activity was repeated in 2012 as well. An IEC fabricated Van/Truck moved in the city for one month which started on the occasion of republic Day 2012. In the one month, all the Slum, Village & Urban areas of Chandigarh was covered. On this truck certain IEC activities were performed along with Nukkar Nataks, Magic Shows, Puppet Shows and condom Promotion activities.

Participation in the Republic Day Parade
Every Year CSACS participates in the parade of Republic Day with its tableau with the message of HIV prevention and safe life style. The theme of the tableau of 2012 was ?Surakshit Maa Surakshit Bachha? which was prepared in collaboration with NRHM. The Tableau won the third prize for its attractiveness and useful messaging.

Adoption of Villages for 100% Awareness
Awareness programs are run with the help of NRHM under Swasthya Manch Program. It is a unique activity to achieve 100 % awareness level regarding HIV/AIDS in the specially adopted villages by CSACS. In the year 2010, two villages i.e. Burail and Attawa were adopted. In the current year, two villages Khudda Lahura, & Kuda Alisher has been adapted by CSACS with the same motive. Exhibitions and awareness material are put up in every Health Melas being organized by NRHM, or CSACS.

HIV awareness at schools
As per the NACO guidelines the HIV awareness starts at the High school level. Adolescence is the age where HIV education can be delivered in effective way because it is the age of curiosity and starts to indulge in sexual activities. So it is essential to make them awareness about HIV. For this adolescence Education Program has been launched at school level. Till now 114 schools out of 126 (govt. and private) have been trained. The rest of the Schools will be covered soon. On the occasion of International Youth Day i.e. 12th August 2011, CSACS in association with Vision De Monde (A volunteer society of students) conducted a full month campaign was conducted for School students including poster making Slogan writing, Rangoli Making, Essay Writing, and Declamation Contests. The winner of these competitions were awarded by Sh./ DK Tiwari, IAS, Special Secretary Health, UT administration Chandigarh. In January 2012, a special campaign ?Goonje 2012? was organized with the help of Punjab University Students in which certain IEC activities were conducted for the university students.

Work place Prevention
CSACS has started the awareness at workplaces by implementing the ?National Policy on HIV /AIDS and the World of Works? in the city. Certain Corporate companies and govt offices have been sensitized to implement the policy.

Toll free Help Line No
Making aware and to fill the gap of knowledge of HIV/AIDS and related issues, CSACS has been running a toll free telephone AIDS helps line i.e. 1097 since 1st January 1999. Till now, more than 10,98, 000 enquiries have been received on this call and in the current financial year 54713 were received till the end of January, 2012.