A Community Care Centre for PLHIVs was being run in Khuda Ali Sher since 2005. It had been discontinued since Aug. 2010 and an NGO named Child Survival India has now been contracted for running this facility. This is a ten bedded facility which provides care and support services to PLHIVs. The location of the CCC is as follows:

Community Care Centre
Khuda Ali Sher, Opposite Shivalik Nursery,
Khuda Ali Sher, U.T., Chandigarh

The CCC carries out the following functions:
  1. Medical services ?Basic medical care, minor OI management, referral of major OIs to appropriate medical facilities, treatment counseling, pain relief and symptomatic care.
  2. ART Adherence ? Education and support, verification of patients address, education and nutrition hygiene, watching for side effects/complications, education for positive prevention and missed/defaulter tracking and follow up.
  3. Advocacy against stigma.
  4. Referrals and linkages ?ICTC/PPTCT/ART/DOTS/LAC/STI clinics, De-addiction etc.
  5. Education on home based care.
  6. Counseling ? supporting self disclosure, family counseling, bereavement counseling and support group meetings.