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Date : 24th March F.Y 2016-17 [Training : NGOs Training]
Date : 27th March, F.Y 2016-17. [Training : HSS Training for HRG sites. 

SIMS Training Booklet
Annual M&E Booklet
(Based on F.Y 2015-16)

Date : 3rd Oct, 2016 [Training : Blood Bank Training Program]
Date : 3rd  Feb, F.Y 2017 in AIDSCON-6 by HIS Excellency Shri  V.P Singh Badnore, Governor of Punjab and Administrator


1st Booklet
SIMS Training Booklet)
(Based on 2014-15 trainings)

Released by NACO & WHO Officials during ICTCs training on 2nd & 3rd Sept, 2015-16 in GMSH-16 Conference Hall.

2nd Booklet
Annual M&E Booklet” (Based on 2013-14 data)

  • Released on 26th Feb 2016 during AIDSCON-5 by Shri Vijay Dev,Advisor U.T Administrator. Chd Administration. 


ANC Structural Report 2014-15

Publications of Chandigarh News Bulletin Details
Ist Bulletin 19th March,in CHC-22
(Volume 1 - Issue-1)
Sensitization workshop for Anganwari Workers 2008-09
2nd Bulletin 28th Oct,2010
(Volume 2 - Issue-2)
9th Governing Body Meeting
(Based on Jan-Jun activities)
3rd Bulletin 17th Feb,2010 in U.T, Guest House, Chd.
(Volume 3 - Issue-3)
Annual Action Plan Meeting
(Based on July-Dec activities)
4th Bulletin 7th Sept, 2010 in Office of U.T,Secretary, Deluxe Building, Chandigarh
(Volume 4 - Issue-4)
State Level Coordination Committee for Red Ribbon Express Campaign
(Based on Jan-Jun activities)
5th Bulletin 28th Feb, 2011, School of Public Health, PGIMER (
(Volume 5 - Issue-5)
HRG Sentinel Surveillance Sites Training for Chandigarh.
(Based on Jul-Dec,10 activities)
6th Bulletin 13th Sep,2011, GCG (Girl), Sec-11, Chd.
(Volume 6 - Issue-6)
Prize Distribution Function of International Youth Day Campaign from 11th-30th Aug,2011 2011-12
Details of other Booklets
ART Booklet For ART Patients, released on 26th May,2011
Voluntary Blood Donation For Voluntary Blood Donation Campaigns, released on Feb,2011.