Strategic Management Information System (M&E)
As we know that National AIDS Control Program has divided into phases. The first two phases (Phase 1 1992-2001, Phase 2 -2001-2007, undertook the ambitious objective of laying down the infrastructure required for providing comprehensive services for both Prevention, Care & treatment. But in Phase 3 – 2007-2012, NACO seeks to systematically scale up the service delivery. With the aim to meet the objective of Phase 3, structured Strategic Management Information System has been adopted under Monitoring & Evaluation Program.

National AIDS Control Program (NACP) collects routine information on program components from Blood Banks, Integrated Counseling and Testing Centres, STD Clinics, NGO implementing Targeted Interventions, ART Centres and Community Care Centres. All these information is collected monthly through a comprehensive software CMIS (Computerized Management Information System) which is installed in all State AIDS Control Societies across the country.

CMIS is fed by through a series of data collection formats that are compiled or used directly for data entry. The data entry formats are specific to the different types of reporting units and enable the routine monitoring data to be entered in a standardized fashion. CMIS is an important source of data which gives early warning on non-performances or issues.

M&E Framework
Collaboration between Strategic Information Management Unit and Other Units of the SACS

Regular interactions between the SIMU team and programme units include:
  • Sharing monthly and quarterly reports with the lead person of that component.
  • Providing joint feedback to the implementing units addressing both the quality of the programme and the quality of the information reported.
  • Monthly review Meetings regarding CMIS reports to share interpretations and insights about the data analyzed.

Revamping Monitoring & Evaluation Program
  • Strategic Information Management System (SIMS) is a web based integrated monitoring & Evaluation System. It has been developed as a mechanism for improving on the CMIS under M&E Program. It is centralized system that allows the users to capture the data at various levels like Reporting unit, District Level and State Level and enable them to view the data whenever required.
  • SIMS Web-Based System is basically One System and access to One Database under all Programmes. There is no parallel data gathering by programme division other than SIMS. It means the concept of ‘One data and One system’ under this New Web based System.

  • SIMS is a Web-Based Application with link to central server and sophisticated tools aiding in data analysis and integration from different data sources/platforms.
  • It increases the efficiency of computerized M&E system by having adequate data quality through centralized validated data.
  • It transfers the Data by using Web-enabled Application and efficient data management rights (Access Rights Control) from Sub-district level (Reporting unit) to National Level. (NACO)

Overview and Training details:-
SIMS application was launched in Mulana Azad Dental Science & Hospital on 26th August 2010 with sensitization National Level Training cum workshop for M&E officers

The training was divided into four phases- State M&E Officers (Phase-1), Other SACS Officers orientation (Phase-2), DAPCU (Phase-3) and reporting Unit Level (Phase-4),

Chandigarh SACS has completed all the phases of trainings.
With an aim to meet the objectives of NACP-III, a web-based integrated SIMS is being developed as a mechanism for improving efficiency of the CMIS and was launched in Aug 2010 and is scheduled to be implemented during 2011.