A Drop-In Centre was established in 2005 by the Chandigarh Network of Positive People(CNP+). The PLHAs attending the ART Centre at PGIMER belong to the nearby states of Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh and these patients drop in at this centre for guidance and advice. As a result, the Drop-In centre provides services to patients belonging to Chandigarh as well as the nearby states. The President of CNP+, Ms. Pooja Thakur is a very motivated and enthusiastic PLHA who leads the Network for the front and has been able to achieve a lot in terms of promoting positive living among PLHAs, building their capacity and providing them with support, wherever possible.

Centre Location
International Hostel(Basement) Madhya Marg , Sec- 15 A, U.T., Chandigarh Ph. No. 0172-2784042, 4664261

The objectives of the DIC are:
  • To promote Positive Living among PLHIVs and improve their quality of life.
  • To build the capacity and skills of PLHIVs.
  • To create an enabling environment for PLHIVs.
  • To establish linkages with existing health services, NGOs, CBOs and other welfare and development programms.
  • To protect and promote the rights of those infected/affected.

Some of the salient activities carried out by the Drop-In Centre at Chandigarh which had a positive impact on the PLHA group are as follows:

Project for training PLHAs to stitch:
The Chandigarh State AIDS Control Society gave three Sewing machines and an embroidery machine to the Drop-In centre as a gift, on the ocassion of World AIDS Day in 2008. The Project was planned in view of the ban on the use of polythene bags in the city of Chandigarh, following which there was a huge demand of bags, using alternative material like paper and jute, used for carrying goods. Inorder to fullfill this need, it was planned that the centre would take up the task of training interested PLHAs in stitching using these sewing machines . other interested PLHAs could learn embroidery using the embroidery machine. Once trained, these individuals could sew bags or do embroidery and earn money from these activities. It would, thus, provide an opportunity for them to become self reliant and boost their feeling of self- worth.

This project was taken up by the Drop-in Centre with great enthusiasm. One of the counselors working in the project who knew stitching, and embroidery was able to carry out training of other men and women who were interested. Several PLHAs came forward to learn stitching and realised that this positively spent time at the Drop-in Centre benefitted them, providing them with financial empowerment and increasing their self-esteem.
Project for training PLHAs to stitch

Establishment of a corpus fund for supporting PLHAs:
Establishment of a corpus fund for supporting PLHAs It was found that many NGOs and philanthropic individuals and organizations were interested in providing support to PLHAs, by way of funds. Hence, it was decided that a separate bank account would be opened for this purpose, in which money obtained as donation would be kept aside as a corpus fund and utilized as and when required by needy PLHAs. Money out of this fund would be utilised only after the case was examined by a committee of three members, one of which was the President, CNP+. This corpus fund was initiated by a donation of Rs. 40,000/- provided by the Rotary Club in Chandigarh. The first cheque of this fund was handed over to the representatives of CNP+ on the eve of World AIDS Day 2009. Certain PLHAs who are extremely poor and are unable to afford expensive investigations are being supported out of this fund. Thus, in addition to the extensive services being provided by NACO for PLHAs, this small step is serving as a boon for the poorest of poor.

Organizing a Need-Assesment Workshop for PLHAs of the complete Northern region:
The CNP+ has been made the regional headquarter for the Networks of all the states in North India. In order to understand the problems faced by PLHAs in the different states of North India, a Need Assesment Workshop was carried out on 28th ? 30th Dec. 2009. Over these three days various sessions were organized so that PLHAs could get an understanding of the issues related with them and the government machinery working towards assisting them. About 30 PLHAs participated in this workshop from the complete Northern region. There was ferious deliberation on several issues related to PLHAs and conclusions were drawn, which would further help in planning services for PLHAs in the states. Organizing a Need-Assesment Workshop for PLHAs of the complete Northern region

Nomination of Ms. Pooja Thakur, President CNP+ for State Award on the occasion of Republic Day 2010:
Nomination of Ms. Pooja Thakur, President CNP+ for State Award on the occasion of
                                Republic Day 2010 The name of Ms. Pooja Thakur was proposed for the State Award to be given on the occasion of Republic Day 2010 by Chandigarh SACS. Keeping in mind her track record and commitment towards PLHAs, she was nominated for this award. On perusing her journey, from a helpless HIV+ widow to a lady with grit and determination who is now helping others deal with this problem, she was found to be a deserving candidate for this award. On the 26th of Jan. 2010 she was honoured with a Commendation Certificate which make her the first AIDS affected person in the city to be given this honour.

  1. Free Base line investigations for PLHIVS

    Director PGIMER has given permission to provide free baseline investigations to PLHIVS who have been registered at the ART Centre.

  2. AAY Cards

    The Food and Supply Deptt. has accepted the applications of 80 PLHIVs for the preparation of AAY cards.

  3. Widow pension scheme and scholarship scheme for Children affected/infected with HIV

    The Chandigarh administration has sanctioned a budget for providing pension to widows affected/infected with HIV and scholarship to children affected/infected, in FY 2011-12. This will be made available to the eligible individuals in this Financial year.

  4. Donation Fund for PLHIVs

    A corpus fund has been created with donations received from interested NGOs/philanthropic organizations. This fund is utilized for the purpose of meeting emergency requirements of PLHIVs for their treatment and care.

  5. Commercial milk formula:

    Commercial milk formula is provided by philanthropic individuals for children born to HIV+ mothers. This is provided to the new born infants free of cost.

  6. Free travel to ART Centre:

    The Chandigarh Transport Undertaking provides free transport in the local buses for PLHIVs to and from PGIMER.

  7. Donations made by Philanthropists:

    The Rotary Club Chandigarh Midtown, distributed water purifiers to 10 needy PLHIVs registered with the DIC and were Antyodaya Anna Yojna card holders, on 20th Sep. 2011.